De Montfort University’s Education for Sustainable Development (DMU ESD) project aims to:

Enable and inspire students, staff and DMU’s wider community to collectively learn about and act on sustainable development and the SDGs, inspiring action now and in the future, professionally and through active citizenship.

The project will achieve this aim through four intended outcomes:

  1. Enhancing Knowledge: Enhancing awareness and understanding of the SDGs and sustainable development, applying this to disciplines, professions and citizenship.
  2. Developing Competencies: Enhancing capabilities to act for sustainable development, through ways of thinking and collaborative working, through citizenship and professionally.
  3. Transformative Experiences: Enabling learners to challenge unsustainable paradigms, critically reflect on experience and develop a personal commitment to sustainability.
  4. Taking Action: Enabling individuals and teams to act to support sustainable development and prevent unsustainable practices, at DMU and in the community.

The activities comprise of a range of projects to embed ESD in the taught curriculum, co-curricular activities and DMU’s culture and working practices.

This project is being coordinated by Dr. Andrew Reeves, led by Simon Bradbury and working with staff and students across the university, including DMU’s Sustainability team and Public Engagement team.