DMU’s staff are passionate about their subjects having real-world benefit and being engaging for their students so you are likely to find that sustainability or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) feature in your academic programme in some way. This is part of DMU’s Teaching and Learning Strategy, which states the following:

“We will equip students and staff with an understanding of the challenges of sustainability and sustainable development, and will approach learning, teaching and assessment mindful of the opportunities to contribute locally and globally to the public good and environmental futures as well as of our impact on a resource-limited world.” DMU Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy, 2018

Many DMU academic staff have produced Case Studies describing how they are doing this. If your course features inspiring teaching on sustainability and has no case study, please contact your course leader to recommend that they produce one, or contact DMU’s Sustainabilty Team to share your experience.

If you feel that sustainability is not being addressed as much or in the ways you think it could be within your taught course, you can raise this with academic staff through your Course Rep – details are available here. Course Reps at De Montfort have access to a toolkit to help them to feed back to programme leaders about how sustainability is addressed, and academic staff have access to support and resources through this website to help them consider appropriate enhancements to their programmes to address sustainability and the SDGs.