From the 1st – 31st March 2024 the 7th annual SDG Teach-In will take place!

SDG teach-in image

Participants in the SDG Teach-in at DMU in 2018

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Teach-in is an annual event where universities across the UK aim to make links to one or more of the SDGs within their taught courses.

All of DMU’s taught courses and any other student or staff-led activities are invited to join in the teach-in. The event offers a great opportunity to showcase how learning on a course or at DMU can help students respond to societal challenges such as access to healthcare, social inequality, preserving ecosystems, combatting climate change or more.

The event is coordinated by the SOS-UK (Students Organising for Sustainability), which grew out of the sustainability work of the National Union of Students (NUS).

Video Introduction (3 minutes)

Click HERE or on the image below for a short introductory talk for staff on how to get involved.

How to get involved

There are four suggested ways of getting involved:

  1. Prepare and deliver a dedicated session within the existing timetable focused on a sustainability issue linked to a course (adaptable slides available below)
  2. Run a 10-minute activity within a lecture or class, using the slides provided below, that explores links between the SDGs and a particular course
  3. Invite a member of DMU’s Sustainability Team to drop-in to run the above 10 minute activity
  4. Organise a standalone event or activity, linking learning with the SDGs. This could be led by staff, student societies or otherwise.

All planned sessions should be registered as a pledge on the national SDG-teach-in website: CLICK HERE.

Please also let the DMU Sustainability Team know about your session by emailing . The team can upload your pledge on your behalf if you send an email with: Name; Module Name; No. students who will be reached; Which SDGs will be covered; Online or in-person session; Date and time of session; why you are including the SDGs; where you heard about the teach-in.

Help and Resources Available

An SDG podcast in the 2017/18 teach-in, led by DMU’s Leicester Media School staff

Contact for further information:

DMU Sustainability Team:

SDG Teach-in Previous Years

In 2023, DMU was ranked as the highest university for staff pledging, with activities ranging from teaching Norwegian Police students to accounting and finance sessions. In total 78 learning sessions were delivered by 45 DMU staff for the SDG Teach In.

The 2023 Teach-in took place from March 1st to March 31st 2023. Our Sustainability Team joined some of the lectures and workshops that took place during the week. Overall, the 2023 SDG Teach-in campaign engaged 121,912 students and 1284 teaching staff. Overall, since 2018, the campaign has grown by 200% for number of students reached and number of educators pledging to take part across 23 countries. 

Further Information:

SDG Teach-in Website