Case Studies of teaching and learning activities at DMU that contribute to the SDGs are shared on the blog and listed below by faculty. You can also find short talks and slides on DMU practice from several events organised by the ESD project (foot of page):

Statements by schools and programmes on how ESD is addressed:

  • Document with example short statements across all DMU faculties on how Education for Sustainable Development is addressed through taught courses

Case Study List by Faculty/Directorate:

Arts Design and Humanities:

Business and Law

Computing, Engineering and Media

Health and Life Sciences:

Directorates and Central Teams

Case studies at DMU events

The events below feature recorded short talks and powerpoint slides for the majority of talks.

  • Sustainability and Block Teaching (May 2023): with case study talks from Emma Wright (HLS), Nick Rowan (ADH), Irina Gokh, (BAL) and Roger Saunders (BAL).
  • Sustainable Education: Partnerships Beyond the Classroom (April 2023)part of the United Nations visit to DMU, with case studies from Claire Lerpiniere (ADH), Regina Frank (BAL), Kutoma Wakunuma (CEM and guest input from Jayashri Wyatt (United Nations)
  • Sustainability is Everywhere: ESD Practice Sharing (May 2021): including case studies from: Fashion and Textiles (Sally Gaukrodger-Cowan and Carolyn Hardaker); Business and Law (Leanne de Main); Policing (Abdul Miah); Placements in Computing, Engineering and Media (Ben Onyido); DMU Global (Owen Sheridan); and Academic Development (Ian Coleman)
  • ESD and Programme Design (July 2020): including case studies from: Engineering (John Gow); ) School of Fashion and Textiles (Carolyn Hardaker); Leicester Castle Business School (Steve Baguley); Service Learning and Politics in Action (Ros Lishman)
  • ESD Practice Share (June 2020): including case studies from Gurvinder Aujla-Sidhu (Broadcast Journalism), Irene Antonopoulos (Law), Allison Nortje (Diplomacy)
  • Teach SDGs (July 2019): Embedding Education for the SDGs (Andrew Reeves); Embedding-Sustainability-within-Fashion-History (Emily Baines); Sustainability in MSc Textile Design Technology and Innovation (Angela Davies); Map-the-System (Regina Frank); Giuliana Tiripelli (Peace Journalism); Materials-Engineering-Processing (Yong Sun)
  • Learn and Teach SDGs (June 2019): Case studies from Quinn Runkle (NUS); Mik Pieniazek (Design Practice); Kutoma Wakunuma (Information and Communication Technologies; Neil McBride (Systems Thinking); Phil Rule (English for Academic Purposes)

Share your practice!

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