Report by Charlotte Lingham

On Thursday 11th July 2019, DMU’s Education for Sustainable Development Forum hosted the Teach SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) event for DMU staff. The turnout was fantastic, and there were a lot of new faces amongst the group.

The event began with a short talk from Dr Andrew Reeves, who spoke about how the SDGs can be embedded into education at DMU more broadly. He introduced many ideas, routes and resources that can be taken to achieve this goal.

Dr Andrew Reeves talking at the Teach SDGs event.

Following on from Andrew, there were a selection of lightening talks from Emily Baines, Lazar Karagic, Yong Sun, Angelia Davies, Giuliana Tiripelli and Regina Frank. These talks were more specified than Andrew’s and focused on particular modules or courses as examples of how they and their colleagues have embedded sustainability into their curriculums. The topics ranged from sustainable fashion to journalism and engineering to the map the system competition which DMU took part in.

After a session filled with really interesting discussions, we then broke for lunch and networking where guests made connections across faculties and a positive perspective on their programs next steps. The attendees seemed to find the Teach SDGs session really enriching.

This event is part of a series. The first event: Learn and Teach SDGs took place on the 27th June.

View our growing collection of case studies of embedding ESDG into the DMU curriculum, here.


Slides of talks from the session are available below. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we do not have a DMU Replay recording.