What is Lions of Action?  

Lions of Action is a sustainability competition for societies and sport clubs. It is a creative and rewarding way for you to get inspiration and recognition for building sustainability on the De Montfort University Campus. 

How can students get involved?  

To sign your club or society up by completing the online application form here. Then to get started the contact person for the society or club will join the Lions of Action Teams Channel. 

How does it work? 

The competition consists of different tasks broken down into five challenges: 

  1. Starting Sustainable  
  2. Get Involved 
  3. Take Action  
  4. Think Big Picture  
  5. Get Creative 

Every time the society or club completes a challenge, found in the guidebook, they upload evidence to the channel and their points will be added. At the end of April 2024, the society/club could build up enough points to win the main prize.  

For each challenge the society/club uploads to social media, they must tag the Sustainability Team (@sustainabledmu) and add the hashtag with the number of the challenge eg. #LionsOfAction1 or #LionsOfAction2. 

Societies and Clubs are able to apply for the SeeD Grant for the SDGs to fund their activities. Find more information about the grant here. 

Prizes and Awards  

The 2023-24 Grand Prize is £500.00, and £250.00 for the second place, in funding for the society/club. There are other awards for societies and clubs. These include:  

  • Climate Action Champion of the Year 
  • Climate Action Runner-up  
  • First Step Award  
  • Most Improved Award  
  • Climate Activist Award  

Contact information? 

For more information about Lions of Action and to join the project, contact the Sustainability Team at 


Lions of Action Scoreboard 2022/23 

Participating Societies and Sports Clubs 

DMU Enactus 

B.L.A.C.K Law Society 

DMU Caribbean Society 

DMU Psychology Society