“Sustainability is Everywhere” – Tuesday 25th May 2021, 9.30am to 11am.

This event, hosted by DMU’s Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) project, highlights innovative practices from across the institution on linking sustainable development issues to educational activities.

You can join on the day using Microsoft Teams USE THE LINK HERE.

The event will offer valuable examples that can inspire activities across any programme or activity. Speakers are listed below with links to online case studies (to follow):

  • Sally Gaukrodger-Cowan (Faculty: ADH): T-Extinction: A co-created fashion and textiles sustainability awareness project that takes a long time approach
  • Leanne de Main (Faculty: BAL): Adoption of the PRME framework for responsible management
  • Ben Onyido (Faculty: CEM): Making sustainability part of student placement experiences
  • Abdul Miah (Faculty:HLS): Sustainable Development issues and teaching of policing.
  • Ian Coleman (Academic Development team): How Education for Sustainable Development is part of DMU’s PGCAP course
  • Owen Sheridan (DMU Global): Sustainability and DMU’s Global Learning activities

To register your interest, email sustainability@dmu.ac.uk .

Further DMU case studies of ESD Practice and recordings of pervious events are available here.