A short online workshop as part of the CAI Masterclass series, taking place from 12pm to 1pm, July 8th 2020. Featuring presentations and Q&A on DMU taught programmes finding innovative ways to embed learning related to sustainability and the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

DMU students increasingly want to see their course address contemporary social challenges to help them develop the confidence and skills to make a positive difference in their future lives and careers. In parallel, the university’s commitment to the issues highlighted by the Sustainable Development Goals, such as poverty reduction, gender equality and clean energy, invites courses to address these issues in ways which are relevant and engaging for students.

Over the past year many innovative practices have been developed by DMU staff to rise to this challenge, addressing programme design at the level of individual courses, schools or faculties. This session, aimed at staff with roles linked to programme design and delivery, aims to showcase some of these innovations and provide space to discuss opportunities for enhancement.

Examples include using a sustainability competency framework for programme design, making block-modifications to programmes across a whole school and adopting Service Learning approaches that embed community volunteering or projects within courses.

To register, email Demi Middleton (demi.middleton@dmu.ac.uk) stating any relevant roles (e.g.  programme/module leadership or subject group leadership within a DMU school).

To join the session go to: https://eu.bbcollab.com/collab/ui/session/guest/c24a21ab3eee4dca973fe1c54944cb2d Note that Blackboard Collaborate works best in either Google Chrome or Safari.

Organised by DMU’s Education for Sustainable Development project working with DMU’s Centre for Academic Innovation (CAI). For more information, contact Andrew Reeves on areeves@dmu.ac.uk