The Decolonising DMU project and Education for Sustainable Development project is holding a joint Community of Practice event on Thursday 16th July.

Event time: 1pm – 2pm on Thursday 16th July, jointly organised by Decolonising DMU and Education for Sustainable Development at DMU. 

For this joint event, we will be discussing the following paper:
Coope, J. “Indigenous knowledge and techno-scientific modernity: ‘hierarchical integration’ re-considered,” Ecopsychology, special issue on wisdom traditions, science and care for the Earth, vol. 12, no. 2, 2020

The paper’s author, DMU colleague Jonathan Coope, will be on-hand and provide a short introductory presentation, followed by a Q & A and discussion.

A copy of Jonathan’s full article will be sent to participants on registration to read before the event.

This event is open to all DMU employees and students.

Click HERE to register. A Teams invite will be sent to you on registration.

Please also note that DMU’s July EcoCafe on Thursday 2nd July will also be exploring linkages between the Decolonisation and Sustainability agendas.