You will be aware of climate change and the ecological crisis but are you aware of the role that educational institutions can play in sustainable development?

Eco Café is a place to explore how we can use education to nurture the values and ethical principles required in the transition to sustainable living and for building a peaceful global society.

Open to anyone at DMU, you are invited to bring your willingness to learn and to share your ideas, experience and suggestions. The café is a space for deeper conversations and for making sure everyone who wants to speak can do so. The group agreement will include:

  • Active Listening: listening with respect, curiosity and compassion
  • Using ‘I’ statements/speak only for yourself
  • A shared responsibility for generative conversations

When: first Thursday of every month 12.30-14.00. Upcoming dates:

Dates: May 7th, 2020

June 4th 2020

July 2nd 2020

August 6th 2020

Where: Collaborate Ultra – online platform

For more information, contact: or just come along!