An ESD Forum workshop on embedding the SDGs into learning at DMU

An ESD Forum workshop on embedding the SDGs into learning at DMU

Activities to develop Education for the Sustainable Development Goals (ESDG) at DMU are being developed by the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Forum.

This is an open network of academic and professional services staff working with De Montfort Students Union. The forum is co-ordinated by Dr Andrew Reeves and Karl Letten.


Meetings take place quarterly, providing a space for open discussion and to develop projects. Please get in touch (contact details below) to confirm time, date and venue if you’d like to attend.


Membership is open to any DMU or DSU staff members. The commitment involved can be anything from joining the email list to attending one or more meetings or helping to develop and deliver projects.

ESD Forum members are typically good points of contact for staff or students looking to explore ESDG in their school or faculty. Membership (as of May 2019) is as follows:

  • ADH: Emily Baines, Simon Bradbury, Mark Bradshaw, Claire Lerpiniere, Catherine Livingstone, Mik Pieniazek, Kyungeun Sung
  • BAL: Irene Antonopoulos, Louise Donaghy, Regina Frank, Kathryn Jones, Ros Lishman, Louise Obara, Laura Pajon Moreno, Nicola Thomas, Kate Wilkinson-Cross
  • CEM: John Coster, Rupert Gammon, Mark Lemon, Indrani Lahiri,  Neil McBride, Ben Onyido, Andrew Reeves, Durgha Ramji, Janet Riley, Kutoma Wakunuma
  • HLS: Julie Fish, Richard Hall, Jonathan Coope
  • Sustainability Team: Karl Letten, Ross Kelly