Partnerships for the goalsAction for Sustainable Development is a collaborative process, as #SDG17 highlights, and DMU’s work on Education for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is being undertaken via collaboration with a range of partners, both internally, locally, nationally and internationally.


Sustainable DMU: Co-ordinating activities to reduce DMU’s environmental impact and engage with staff, students and the local community.

#DMULocal: Working with partners across Leicester to develop projects and volunteering opportunities that enhance our city.

#DMUGlobal: Providing transformative international experiences for DMU students that contribute to addressing the UN SDGs

Work with the UN: Via projects such as Join Together and acting as a Global Hub for #SDG16, DMU collaborates closely with the United Nations to work towards the SDGs


RCE-East Midlands: Regional Centre of Excellence for Education for Sustainable Development in the East Midlands, UK, of which DMU is a member.


NUS Sustainability: DMU participates in several National Union of Students projects to promote sustainability, including Responsible Futures and Student Switch Off

EAUC: DMU is a member of the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges (EAUC), participating in conferences and knowledge sharing events.


SDG Accord: DMU is a signatory to the SDGAccord, through which educational institutions pledge to act to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Together: An international collaborative network working with the UN to achieve the SDGs, in particular to support refugees and migrants.

UN Academic Impact Programme: DMU takes part in this programme to monitor the impact of academic institutions towards the SDGs.

Saves2: A Horizon2020 research project where DMU is working alongside European partners to support energy saving in student accommodation.