Service-Learning is an approach to teaching and learning which emphasises students learning from real-world experiences that provide benefits for the wider community.

Many DMU courses already adopt this approach which provides valuable and engaging experiences for students, helping them to make a difference to the world and develop as active citizens.

What is Service-Learning?

Many definitions exist, such as this one from the European Observatory for Service-Learning in Higher Education (EOSLHE):

“Service Learning (sometimes referred to as community based or community engaged learning) is a pedagogical approach that integrates meaningful community service or engagement into the curriculum and offers students’ academic credit for the learning that derives from active engagement within the community and work on a real world problem. Reflection and experiential learning strategies underpin the learning process and the service is linked to the academic discipline.”

Service Learning at DMU

At DMU Service-Learning is being developed and supported by a  joint project between DMU’s Centre for Academic Innovation, the Public Engagement Team and the DMU Education for Sustainable Development project.

This partnership has led to approach to Service-Learning at DMU which promotes:

  • Real-world learning experiences that provide community benefit
  • A chance to contribute to the sustainability agenda, including issues highlighted by the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Pedagogically sound approaches, with Service-Learning being an assessed activity contributing to course learning outcomes
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To learn more about examples of practice, opportunities for community contribution or how to develop Service-Learning in your course please contact: