De Montfort University hosted two drop-in events for staff and students to support them in responding to the Leicester Climate Emergency proposals. The events were held on the 29th and 31st of January, 2020.

An all day exhibition in the Campus Centre explained Leicester City Council’s proposals through posters and supporting material. Volunteers from the Sustainability team in Estates, the Education for Sustainable Development project, and the Institute of Energy & Sustainable Development (IESD) were present for 2 hours during lunchtime on each day. Volunteers explained the consultation and supported staff and students with preparing individual responses. Copies of the questions from the Conversation Pack were provided and everyone was encouraged to respond to at least one of the six proposal areas.

24 people (14 staff, 8 students, 2 both staff and students) submitted comments over the two days with Travel and Transport attracting the most comments. Consumer Choices, Land Use, Homes, Waste, and Employers were the other proposal areas.