De Montfort University are offering a series of online and in-person events in October and November 2021 linked to the COP26 climate change talks, which are being hosted by the UK in Glasgow in the first two weeks of November.

Awareness and concern about climate change is at an all-time high and the COP26 event will heighten the interest in learning about the drivers of climate change and what we can do about it in the UK. Our event series draws on the teaching, research and community projects that DMU staff and students are involved with, and offers a wide range of ways to get involved in anything related to sustainability and climate action.


Some highlights include:

  • “26 ideas for COP26” – through which DMU staff and students will be invited to share their ideas on what the UK and other countries should do to address the climate emergency, as well as suggesting actions to take place here at DMU. Join a session on this initiative introduced by DMU’s Vice Chancellor Katie Normington.
  • Launch of several schemes for DMU’s students and staff to make a difference on these issues, including Green Impact, Sustainability Advocates for students and more
  • A series of lectures by DMU academics working on climate issues, including understanding the phenomenon of Climate Obstruction (how strong climate policies are being held back by some vested interests), zero-carbon retrofit options for UK houses, future changes in the UK energy system and more

To see the full programme and for details of signing up to sessions go to the Events listing on the SDG Hub website:

A word document programme (last updated 11th October 2021) listing all events can be downloaded HERE.

A user-friendly calendar-style list of all events is available on this website here: