Welcome to the Meet our Sustainability Scholars blog!


The Sustainability Scholars are international students that were awarded the DMU Sustainability Scholarship. Our scholars are from all across the world and are extremely passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals and sustainability. The scholars sat down with Dennis (Learning for Sustainability Frontrunner) to answer a few questions to get to know them better. Here’s our third scholar, Ugwunna! 

Dennis: Hey Ugwunna! Welcome! Let’s jump right into it. Tell me about yourself. 

Ugwunna: My name is Ugwunna Elekwachi. I’m from Nigeria. I’m studying for a Masters Degree in Project Management at prestigious De Montfort University. I’m a sucker for fine dining and I’m not even a good cook. But I love me my good food….

Dennis: We seem to both love some good food (LOL). How have you been settling in to DMU and the UK?

Ugwunna: Errmmm….. It’s been quite an interesting few weeks. Lots of adjustments and adapting. The multi-culturalism of Uk is mind-blowing, to be honest. Though, I’m still trying to come to terms with some culture shocks, but I’m really adapting.

DMU is actually as I expected it to be, even more. To be honest, the modules, lecturers, the assessments, and the general curricula is designed to polish you, impart in you, get you well grounded, and bring out the best in you, to say the least.

All in all, it’s an education beyond the walls of classrooms and I am taking it all in, learning, and enjoying my time here while at it.

Dennis: Wow! It seems like you have been having a really good time. So tell me Ugwunna, why are you interested in sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals?

Ugwunna: I was born and raised in West Africa where the effect of climate change takes a great toll on the people, industries and economy at large. I’ve seen firsthand how climate change is driving the loss of biodiversity and causing ecological patterns to shift. I grew up hearing about the implications of environmental issues and disasters in the news. As a result, understanding the complexity of how an increasing human population affects the natural environment in all of its forms. This viewpoint has fuelled my determination to be a part of the change that will return our environment to its healthy state.

So, at an early age I decided to be part of a campaign, a movement for fixing our planet, a movement that will improve our planet, a campaign that is geared towards preserving nature and her habitats. A movement that will tilt us towards nurturing our planet,  and achieving a healthy atmosphere. 

Our way of living (Lifestyles) have a significant influence on our environment. There is a critical need to begin actions, formulate, and implement strategies to enhance climate adaptation and resilience in order to transition to reversal; however all hands must be on deck to do this.

Our planet is so unhealthy and she’s suffering. All because of the choices of the people she protects. There is need for a mindset shift that has to happen in order for the SDGs to be optimally achieved.

Dennis: This is quite inspiring. Coming from the Caribbean where we are extremely vulnerable to climate change, I completely understand your drive and passion for sustainability. You indicated that you are studying Project Management. Can you share how the SGD’s assist you in your career development?

Ugwunna: Errmmmm… The truth is that the SDGs cover a wide variety of areas and as such are quite relevant in very many disciplines. I’m studying for a Masters in Project Management, so the SDGs are quite relevant up my alley because in my career there are myriads of areas where I can incorporate and integrate the SDGs in my line of work and contribute my quota towards saving our planet. In any sector or organisation I find myself (be it IT, Construction, Banking, Manufacturing, Academia, etc), I intend to be known and seen as ‘The Sustainability Guy’ because my message and campaign will be far know, felt and recognised. I will also ensure to apply the lens of the SDGs towards integrating sustainability in all roles within the organisation.

Owing to how big I am about sustainability, I have already started connecting with others who are also trying to create change and save our dear planet. The truth is that one person cannot change the world, but together we have a real chance. In a bid to build that required connection of like minds, I have joined Sustainable Development Solutions Networks. This will, on the very long haul, enable me get involved and contribute my quota through very many platforms and avenues such as testing innovations, finding funding for sustainable projects, amongst many things.

It’s a journey which I’ve started and I don’t intend to quit anytime soon until the health of our dear planet is restored to a very large extent. To do more good by doing less harm and we lose more by doing nothing….

Dennis: I can definitely feel you passion for sustainability and I sure will be calling you the ‘Sustainability Guy’ from now on (LOL). To wrap this up, if you had one wish that you could only use on sustainability & the SDGs, what would it be?

Ugwunna: One wish that I’d only use on Sustainability and the SDGs would be for every one across the world to have a hunger for sustainability, so that everyone would embrace fully environmental healthy choices in a bid to save our planet and make it very healthy. And that the world would become and be known as ‘A Green World’.

Dennis: I’ve certainly enjoyed speaking to you. I wish you all the best on your endeavors towards being at the forefront of the SDGs and sustainability. 


For more information about the DMU Sustainability Scholarship, please contact the Sustainability Team at sustainablility@dmu.ac.uk. Don’t forget to follow us on all our social media sites @SustainableDMU.