Hello, my name is Adam, a current masters student and soon to be part of the international sustainability team at DMU. I had the exciting opportunity to go to the sustainability summit in Lancaster on the 29th May 2024. The event was organised by SOS-UK (Students Organising for Sustainability UK) to bring together students who are pushing for action on sustainability at their universities and colleges. The sustainability summit was an amazing opportunity to meet so many different, like-minded people from so many different universities across the UK and learn from everyone’s successes on what their universities are doing to help build towards a sustainable future.

It was great to network and hear about so many different projects that other universities and institutions are doing, improving all aspects of sustainability in their campuses and surrounding communities. These range from changing what their university invests its money in, to circular economy projects, to building hedgehog friendly campuses!

We had talks from large institutions such as SOS UK and from university groups such as Green Lancaster and many more. There was something for everyone as the timetable presented loads of options as to what kind of talk you wanted to attend, loads of opportunities to network and hear about each others experiences and even tours around the campus showing the work that Green Lancaster was doing on site at the Eco hub.

If anyone has an interest in sustainability, I strongly recommend attending one of these events as it is uplifting to talk to like-minded people and hear about projects that are happening now, all their success stories, and these events are only going to get bigger as we move into the future.

It may feel that when you hear about sustainability issues not much is being done about it as there is little coverage in main stream media and low overall awareness, but events like this give hope for the future that change is possible and that we are not alone in trying to improve and push for a sustainable future!

Below is a link to the event and I encourage anyone who is interested to take a look!: https://www.sos-uk.org/post/join-us-for-the-10th-annual-student-sustainability-summit-in-lancaster