Enactus Pizza PartyDMU students are invited to the Enactus Student Society Pizza Party.

The event takes place from 4pm to 5pm in the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre on Wednesday 29th January 2020.

The party is for students interested in finding out more about how they can become part of a global network of #changemakers and future leaders, while developing their entrepreneurial skills and innovative solutions for the world’s big issues, ie roll up their sleeves.

Enactus DMU & Enactus UK are supported and sponsored by a range of top employers, from McKinsey to Unilever, Amazon and others.

Enactus offers “the world’s largest experiential learning platform, dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators.” It aims to develop solutions which are sustainable and work long-term.

For those who are not familiar with Enactus, the network is organised in a similar way to AISEC and Model UN, i.e. each uni campus forms their own group, and this is then part of a wider, national network, which is part of the ‘global family’.  In addition to student-led activities, Enactus offers the opportunity to work with global business leaders, get employability training run by ‘big names’ in industry, and fundamentally opens students a new world of opportunities, beyond the classroom and their degree.

 “The Enactus network of global business, academic and student leaders are unified by our vision—to create a better, more sustainable world

Anyone is welcome, UG, PG, with or without prior experience. Interest in ‘big issues’, empathy and an open mind are important; we aim to foster entrepreneurialism and resilience – and all the other good skills you need, from communication, project management, problem solving. All while having a good time and growing.

Should you have any questions, please contact Regina Frank on regina.frank@dmu.ac.uk