Tickets are now available to book to attend ‘Green Zone’ events at COP26 – Tickets are free of charge and open to the public – this is a great opportunity to learn more about climate issues and many events are also available online.  

You can book up to 6 tickets at a time and over 3 days.

Key education/youth related sessions include:

  • 1st November – ‘Exploring Sustainable Futures Game’ by Cranfield University
  • 2nd November – ‘Be part of the solution: How research and innovation is tackling climate change by UKRI
  • 2nd November – ‘Visualising Climate: Young People’s Responses to the Climate Emergency by University of Plymouth
  • 3rd November – ‘Mobilising Equitable, Just and Gender-Sensitive Climate Finance’ by the Centre for Climate Justice at Glasgow Caledonian University
  • 5th November – ‘Policymaking for Future Generations: A Blueprint for a Green Future’ by One Young World
  • 5th November – 1130 – ‘What does meaningful youth leadership look like’ by SOS
  • 5th November at 1300 – ‘Climate justice, education & gender equality: targeting the connections’ by the Malala Fund
  • 7th November at 0930 with University of Edinburgh – Green Career Pathways – this is a panel session from the COP26 Education & Skills groups.
  • 7th November  – The Department of Education Green Skills event ‘So, you want a Green job?’
  • 8th November – ‘Social Innovation & Climate Justice’ by Glasgow Caledonian University
  • 8th November & 9th November & 10th – ‘We make our future’ by University of the West of England
  • 8th November – ‘Youth are Leading: The Ripple Effect by Place-Based Climate Action Network
  • 10th November – ‘Red River Poetry: Listening to a Polluted River’ by University of Exeter
  • 11th November – ‘How buildings will play a role in fighting climate change. The right decision today, means a better tomorrow’ by South West College
  • 11th November ‘ActNowFilm – Youth Voices on Climate’ by Cambridge Zero & Bath Institute for Policy
  • 12th November – ‘Glasgow meets New Orleans, Africa and the World: Climate Change Impacts Culture, Music and all of us’ by Tulane University of New Orleans
  • 12th November – ‘Hope Springs Eternal – A Sonic Landscape’ by Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

This is not a full list and you can see the full programme at

Many of the events are also available virtually so you can still take part if you are not in Glasgow –

If you are unable to attend in person you can join virtually by subscribing to the COP26 YouTube channel.

Thanks to the EAUC network for sharing this opportunity.