Welcome to the Meet our Sustainability Scholars blog!

The Sustainability Scholars are international students that were awarded the DMU Sustainability Scholarship. Our scholars are from all across the world and are extremely passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals and sustainability. The scholars sat down with Dennis (Learning for Sustainability Frontrunner) to answer a few questions to get to know them better. Here’s our sixth scholar, Zain! 


Dennis: Hi Zain. Thanks for taking the time out to have a quick chat. Can you tell me about yourself?

Zain: Hey Dennis, My name is Zain ul Abidin. I’m from Pakistan. I have done my bachelors in agricultural engineering and now I am here doing my Master’s degree in Energy Engineering. Well, the fun fact about me is that I always put myself as an ambivert. Sometimes I am the attention of the party, but sometimes I just love my personal space where I think of new ideas about how to improve myself. And I love to play football.

Dennis: Wow, it’s great to meet a fellow ambivert. So you have been away from home for a few months now, how have you been settling into DMU and the UK?

Zain: Settling in a different country with different peoples is always a challenge. My first week in the UK was kind of tough as you know the UK is called a global village so you have to interact with people of different cultures having different natures. So at first it was difficult for me but as the time passed I started loving it ,exploring the different cultures. It was a wonderful experience. Studying in UK has always been a dream for me. In the end and best of all the welcoming nature of DMU staff and my Sustainability team really boosted my morale.

Dennis: I’m really happy to hear how we in the sustainability team have helped you thus far. As a Sustainability Scholar, why are you interested in sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals?

Zain: Growing up in a family having grandfather as a farmer and my father as an agriculture director, my childhood was always surrounded with nature plus organic foods. So my passion for a sustainable environment and healthy and economical food for everyone grows up from my childhood. I think with the advancement of technological and urbanization we are lacking in basic needs for our mother nature and I found SDGs are the only hope for us. If we want to get back into the track.

Dennis: That’s something truly special there. You have indicated that you are pursuing an MSc in Energy Engineering, how can the SGD’s assist you in your career development?

Zain: All the SGDs goals are connected with one another so if you want to pick a goal and work on it you are indirectly achieving all other goals. My Master in Energy Engineering covers almost every aspect of SGDs but the most important one the use of renewable energy sources. For example SGDS 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) is promoting the adoption of renewable energy sources, we can reduce dependence on fossil fuels, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and improve air quality. SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) investing in renewable energy infrastructure and creating policies that support the growth of this sector again SDG 13 (Climate Action) the use of renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we can slow down the pace of climate change and minimize its negative impacts on ecosystems and human societies.

Dennis: It’s great to see how you are able to incorporate so many of the SDGs into your career development. To wrap up our quick chat, If you had one wish that you could only use on sustainability and the SDGs, what would it be?

Zain: That’s the tough one! But if really have choice one goal I would go with Zero hungry because If your body is healthy your mind is fresh and with the only fresh mind you will be able to think about new ideas. For me achieving the Zero Hunger SDG will require a comprehensive and coordinated approach, by working together, we can create a more equitable and sustainable food system that benefits everyone.

Dennis: Wow Zain! Truly a remarkable wish. Thanks for taking the time to chat. Best wishes on your studies. 

For more information about the DMU Sustainability Scholarship, please contact the Sustainability Team at sustainablility@dmu.ac.uk. Don’t forget to follow us on all our social media sites @SustainableDMU.