Welcome to the Meet our Sustainability Scholars blog!

The Sustainability Scholars are international students that were awarded the DMU Sustainability Scholarship. Our scholars are from all across the world and are extremely passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals and sustainability. The scholars sat down with Dennis (Learning for Sustainability Frontrunner) to answer a few questions to get to know them better. Here’s our eighth and final scholar, Joseline! 

Dennis: Hey! Hey! Hey! Thanks for stopping by and having a quick chat. Let’s jump right into it! Tell me about yourself.

Joseline: My name is Joseline Kendi Kathurima and from Nairobi city in Kenya, Africa. I pursued BSc. Civil
engineering and decided to be a little adventurous in my MSc programme so I’m now studying MSc. Architecture and sustainability. Fun fact: in high school I was convinced I could rap because I speak quite fast so I became a rap sensation performing sometimes for the school.

Dennis: A rapper? Just so you know you definitely have to let me hear you rap before you leave DMU (LOL)! It has been a few months since you have arrived, how have you been settling in to DMU and the UK?

Joseline: We always hear about the freezing temperatures but honestly its waaay worse on the ground. The loneliness also hits quite hard and finding work is also a challenge. Things are looking up though and
I’m optimistic.

Dennis: I can attest to the coldness. It was one of the biggest shocks to my body when I first arrived in the UK. As you are a Sustainability Scholar, can you tell me why are you interested in sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals?

Joseline: As a civil engineer, the contribution of the construction industry in the destruction of the planet really affected me to the point I felt I had to do something about it. I sought a degree that would enhance my understanding of sustainable development and how to implement it thus leading me to the MSc programme.

Dennis:  You have indicated that you are a civil engineer. How can the SGD’s assist you in your career development in that field?

Joseline: At the moment Kenya is set to implement some SDG’s and they are looking for professionals to implement some strategies. I’m hopeful after I’m done with my course I’ll be better suited for jobs in that development which is lacking in workforce at the moment.

Dennis: I admire the fact that you have a plan to help develop you country. That is commendable! To wrap this conversation up, If you had one wish that you could only use on sustainability & the SDGs, what would it be?

Joseline: I would wish that all buildings would be carbon neutral and energy efficient at all time.

Dennis: I know you’ll definitely be able to make that wish come through at the end of your degree. Thank you so much for taking the time out to chat with me! All the best with your course. 


For more information about the DMU Sustainability Scholarship, please contact the Sustainability Team at sustainablility@dmu.ac.uk. Don’t forget to follow us on all our social media sites @SustainableDMU.