What competencies do we need to teach sustainability? Exploring the Rounder Sense of Purpose framework.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is an emerging priority for universities and a cross-cutting commitment for all DMU programmes. For educators, this requires engaging, through our disciplinary background, with real-world ‘wicked problems’, where solution strategies are unclear or contested and dominant approaches in our discipline are called into question.

This masterclass introduces the ‘Rounder Sense of Purpose’ framework, which offers educators a chance to map and reflect on the competencies required of educators, if they are to be effective at supporting learners to engage meaningfully with sustainability.

Attendees will develop a stronger understanding of ESD pedagogy, engage with the framework and critically reflect with colleagues on how to further enhance their competencies to teach on sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Led by Ian Coleman and Andrew Reeves as a Masterclass session, with DMU’s Centre for Academic Innovation and Teaching Excellence (CAITE)

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Join: HERE on MS Teams on Weds 7th June, 1pm to 2pm