In honour of COP28 taking place from the 30th November – 12th December 2023, DMU will be running a series of events on campus that all students and staff can attend to get involved and demonstrate their desire for climate action. 


To find out more information on all the events taking place please visit DMU’s COP28 webpage.


Additionally, here is a sneak peek into a number of upcoming events you can also attend to get involved:

  • A workshop where students will be shown how to deliver Practical Actions for a Sustainable World
  • A COP 28 simulation, where DMU projects will be showcased in ‘pavilions’ to show students how they can get involved in volunteering that can make a difference
  • Pizza for the Planet will highlight to students the university’s work on sustainability and the SDGs across the campus while also enjoying a slice of pizza
  • The 28 ideas for 28 COP initiative will ask staff and students to come up with ideas, plans, or projects to improve sustainability on campus. A shortlist of 28 ideas for COP 28 will be investigated and the best put into operation across the campus
  • The DMU Climate Awards will be the finale to our two-week campaign when students and staff will be honoured for their work on the SDGs and the climate.