Walter Stahel, considered to be one of the visionaries of the Circular Economy concept, and leading expert in the field has agreed to give an online talk for researchers at De Montfort University on Tuesday 28th November at 4pm.

Walter is a well-known keynote speaker and author on sustainability and circular economy with a passion for new research. His talk will detail how the circular economy in industrialised regions is a disruptive proposal to maintain the value and utility of existing local physical assets, as a  ‘changer of the globalised industrial game’ creating societal resilience and a protection against disruptive events.

The performance economy sells utilisation, objects as a service or quality guarantees by exploiting the knowledge of the circular economy and extending it to new fields. The circular industrial economy arises through a conscious decision by individuals and organisations, it differs from Nature’s circularity by evolution and business as usual. Many of the opportunities embodied in these concepts are untapped, open to be taken. Others are viewed critically by partisans of the ‘Rentier Economy’.


Read his COMMENT piece from Nature, 2016:!/menu/main/topColumns/topLeftColumn/pdf/531435a.pdf


Anyone wishing to attend is asked to RSVP: DMU SDG16 at by Friday November 24.