Hi! My name is Celine Ilo and I come from Nigeria. I am delighted to be a part of DMU’s sustainability team. I look forward to making meaningful inputs as we walk in the path of fusing Sustainability into education at DMU. 

I am a graduate of Physics and Solar Energy, currently taking a Masters degree in Energy Engineering. I am very concerned about Renewable energy technologies as it is one significant approach to controlling the rate of global warming. My keenness in this scope of energy is birthed from the understanding of how human activities constantly influence climatic conditions. This I believe, is one of the key issues addressed by the SDGs.
In the course of my studies here at DMU, through well sort out projects and activities, I will be taking action as a Sustainability advocate in raising awareness and educating the DMU community on the “whys” and “hows”  of curbing climate change.
At the end of my studies. I hope to gain additional work experience in the field of energy management and consultancy. Where I will be maximising the analytical skills garnered from my degree and sustainability activism here at DMU. 
Best wishes
Celine Ilo