Hello Everyone! My name is Fiyinfoluwa Taiwo Makinde. I am a black African, Nigerian to be precise. I feel honoured to be one of the awardees of the DMU sustainability scholarship. I would be working with other members of the sustainability team to implement projects that would further ingrain sustainability in the heart of teaching, learning, and various activities within the university.
Currently, I am running my Postgraduate course – MSc. Advanced Biomedical Science, at the faculty of Health and Life Sciences, DMU. I am looking forward to a career in the NHS as a Biomedical Scientist and as a visiting lecturer of Biomedical Science.
I am passionate about sustainable development; it is a better way to live in this present universe. Things are evolving, and the world is deploying innovations in different sectors – education, food, security, health, environment, and so on to ensure that humanity and the earth are preserved. I want to contribute my quota to the ongoing global efforts to establish sustainable development in our world through the SDGs; beginning from where I am – DMU, with what I have (an opportunity to serve with the sustainability team). Finally, did you know that every time you reuse plastic bags for shopping and recycle you are contributing to a sustainable environment? You see, the little things count too. Everyone should be a part of the sustainability movement, and together we can. Yes, we can!
Fiyinfoluwa Makinde