De Montfort University has a strong and growing commitment to the UN’s sustainable development goals. This includes addressing societal challenges such as poverty, hunger and social inequality; promoting economic opportunities, both locally and internationally; and enhancing ecosystems. This commitment is also central to the DMU 2018-23 strategic plan and highlighted in DMU’s teaching and learning strategy.

Sustainability scholarships demonstrate support for the university’s sustainability priorities, by increasing opportunities for high-quality international students focused on sustainability to study at DMU. The scholarship is offered to postgraduate international students who can clearly demonstrate how they intend to use the knowledge and skills gained through their studies at DMU to help them achieve sustainability-related objectives.

Funding pot of £16,000 is available to be distributed by way of 4 x £4,000 tuition fee discounts, to be allocated by a panel of relevant academic and other colleagues. Students can apply for these scholarships by way of a written statement detailing the sustainability-related motivations and anticipated outcomes of their degree, and prior activity in this area.

Sustainability scholarships are open for any DMU postgraduate course. Some courses, such as the MSc Energy and Sustainable Development, are explicitly linked to sustainable development goals, however, any other course can prove the link as well. A broad offer will enhance the potential for both recruitment and positive impacts.

We are very happy to offer sustainability scholarships to support students with great potential at De Montfort University and to enhance opportunities for students to act on sustainable development. All postgraduate international students whose academic interests and graduate objectives align with promoting and increasing sustainability are welcome to apply.