DMU recently took part in a one-year project to produce guidance on how to make sustainability an integrated part of learning across European Universities.

The project was done through a Thematic Peer Group organised by the European Universities Association (EUA). DMU was represented by Jackie Labbe (PVC Academic), Ross Kelly (student and Sustainability Advocate) and Andrew Reeves (Education for Sustainable Development project director). Six other universities took part:

  • Cardiff University, United Kingdom
  • Graz University of Technology, Austria
  • University of Côte d’Azur, France
  • National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland
  • University of Bologna, Italy
  • Utrecht University, Netherlands

The report highlights that thinking of universities like a forest ecosystem can help us to understand how to best support sustainability initiatives in a range of ways. It also highlights four common scenarios that universities might encounter (based upon available commitment and capacity), and practices that can help move the sustainability agenda forward in those scenarios.

The report is available online here: