Hello everyone! My name is Stephen Adeiza Okeji, I am a black African from Nigeria and feel privileged to be among the recipients of the sustainability scholarship at De Montfort University.

I graduated with an Agricultural Technology degree in 2017, and am currently doing my master’s in International Business & Management. I envisage a career in Administration / Management on both local and international levels.

My path of sustainability began almost a decade ago, after my family were forced to move out of our home to seek shelter elsewhere, due to the constant flooding that ravaged our neighborhood every rain season. I witnessed first-hand, the consequences of improper waste management and disposal, which made me understand the degree of which our daily actions or inactions as individuals could affect the lives of the majority in the long run.

I am very excited at the prospect of working with other members of the sustainability team to develop and implement strategies geared towards achieving some of the UN Sustainability Development Goals, starting with creating awareness in DMU, educating fellow students and aiming to find more like-minded individuals to aid us in our endeavor to reach the general populous regarding the importance of sustainability.