Hi everyone,

My name is Adeola Ogunkolade, I am from Lagos Nigeria, I am really happy and excited to be amongst the DMU sustainability scholars. I am grateful to the DMU sustainability team for giving me this unique opportunity and a voice to contribute my own quota to promote sustainability whilst studying for my MA in Social Work.

Sustainability to me, is developing a conscious, ethical and preservative lifestyle, towards protecting life and everything that supports it. As the founder of AFDEC (African Fashion Development and Empowerment Centre) a nonprofit social enterprise, primarily focusing on empowering women in the African fashion space, I have lived experiences working with thousands of micro, small and medium fashion enterprise owners across Nigeria and sub Saharan Africa and I consciously advocate that global fashion industries needs to be environmentally and socially conscious in their practice and production. The apparel and accessories manufacturing industries in particular need to urgently prioritize sustainability and ethical consumptions so as to protect and preserve this earth we all call home.

In Africa, I enjoy teaching women and young girls how to recycle, reuse and recreate fashion waste to beautiful products they can generate income from and also preserve our environment towards perpetuity.

I am looking forward to joining other sustainability advocates, with different backgrounds and experiences, as we work together to build a more sustainable society, one little positive action at a time. Together, we can!