Hello Everyone! I’m Ella, and I will be the ‘Learning for Sustainability’ frontrunner this academic year. As a member of the Sustainability Team at DMU, I am very excited to participate in the variety of fantastic projects happening throughout the year, all aimed at transforming DMU into a more sustainable campus and incorporating sustainable values into course curriculums. 

I am currently a 3rd year Psychology student with a particular interest in the integration of sustainable practices and designs into the workplace. In doing so, I hope in the future that all workspaces can actively reduce their environmental impact and resource consumption.

Beyond my role, I have undertaken research into how public perceptions act as a social driver of climate change action, with a specific focus on where perspectives emerge from and how they have changed over time in alignment with an increasing awareness of climate change. This research prompted me to apply for the Frontrunner role as it highlighted the importance of being involved in something that can touch the lives of all students at DMU and further afield.

I believe sustainability is a shared commitment and responsibility. Through sustainable decision-making and innovation, we can all work together to strive for a greener, more environmentally responsible future that can lead to a better planet for today’s generations and those to come.