Are green careers even a thing? Are they limited to STEM jobs? What new careers are emerging that solely focus on sustainability? 

Short answer: Yes; No; A lot. 

Long answer: I’m glad you want one! Scottish branch of EAUC (The Alliance for Sustainability Leadership In Education) has prepared a report which outlines myths about green jobs, what fields have green jobs, what skills you need to work in one, and what skills you can develop by working in one. 

Few most important points from the report are: 
-STEM is not the only field where green jobs happen, nor the only one that is important for goals like net-zero targets. 
-Net-zero and decarbonization are not the only aspects of a green job.  
-On average, green jobs are better paid than non-green counterparts. 
-If you work in a non-green job now, you can take steps to make it greener. 
-Education, communication, and behavioral change are also important parts of being green. 

If you wish to learn more about green jobs, the link to the report is here: How to find a job that’s good for you and the planet – a Green Careers Guide | EAUC

We hope that we have interested you in seeking greener career!