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New Guide launched on how to have a green career

Are green careers even a thing? Are they limited to STEM jobs? What new careers are emerging that solely focus on sustainability?  Short answer: Yes; No; A lot.  Long answer: I’m glad you want one! Scottish branch of EAUC (The… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Chidiere Oluoma

I am Chidiere Oluoma, and my path to a bachelor’s degree in computer science is driven by a profound desire to become a software developer with a unique focus on how to improve the world we live in. Hailing from… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Ximena Doria Medina

The challenges we have to achieve a society committed to actions that involve social and environmental sustainability are broad. In addition, exploring the activities we can carry out to contribute to a more sustainable future is fundamental to help meet… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Dumisani Ndlovu

Welcome to the Sustainable IT guy blog @ DMU! It’s been a hectic few months of non-stop work to get to the point I am at today. But now, I’m finally relaxing getting back to my roots and first love… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Khadijabib Mamun

BPT, MSc in global health ( currently ) DMU Hello, everyone! I’m Khadijabib Mamun, a physiotherapist with a passion for sustainability, vlogging, and a love for exploring new cultures and cuisines. Today, I’m excited to share how these passions align… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Nadir Shah

Belonging from the remote northern area of Pakistan, namely Hunza Gilgit, the effects of climate change were very obvious to me. Seeing deforestation at a large-scale level and having floods disrupt the normal life of the locals opened my eyes… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Pramita Shakya

Hi! It’s me, Pramita Shakya. I am proud to named myself as one of the Sustainability scholars. I am delighted and felt responsible at the same time when I got selected as a part of renowned DMU Sustainable scholarship. So,… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Aaiza Ahmed

Hey fellow students! My name is Aaiza Ahmed, and I’m excited to share my journey as a recipient of Sustainability Scholarship at De Montfort University, and the incredible impact sustainability had on my life. I’m from Pakistan, and my academic… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Nayana Manjula

I am Nayana Manjula one of the sustainability scholars in DMU. I from India and I’m studying MSc Energy and sustainable development in here. From my point of view, sustainability is an essential nutrient for the environment. Without sustainability its… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Malek Khawatmi

Welcome everyone! I am thrilled to join the De Montfort University society, where I will begin a journey that links my passion for accountability and transparency with the values of sustainability. My name is Malek Khawatmi, and my background is… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Valeria Estrada

My name is Valeria Estrada. I was born in 1996 in Medellin, Colombia. I am currently doing an MSc in Energy and Sustainable Development at De Montfort University. Since I was little I had very clear that my purpose is… Continue Reading →

Leicestershire Food Summit!

Charlotte Smith (year-3 Student Representative), Sheila Njogu, Yannan (Jessica) Jin (Programme Leader for BSc Nutrition) In this June, an incredible opportunity arose for Nutrition students at De Montfort University – an invitation to attend the second Leicestershire Food Summit, hosted… Continue Reading →

Meet Our New Placement Student: Przemyslaw Luczak

Hello everyone, I’m Przemyslaw Luczak (just call me Przemek (Pronounced “Shamack”)), and I am a national student studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering here at DMU. On Monday 14th, I have become part of Sustainability team that is part of Estates… Continue Reading →

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