I am Nayana Manjula one of the sustainability scholars in DMU. I from India and I’m studying MSc Energy and sustainable development in here. From my point of view, sustainability is an essential nutrient for the environment. Without sustainability its very hard maintain the ecosystem balance. To make our world a better place for everyone, the United Nations set a series of sustainability goals in 2015 that must be fulfilled in the following 15 years: eradicate poverty, safeguard the environment, and guarantee prosperity for all. From the goals, I understood that goal 7 (affordable and clean energy) is the core of all other goals, that is the major reason I choose energy and sustainable development for my higher studies and my interest in sustainability is crystal clear from selection of my course. Moreover, I would really like engage activities which leads to the sustainability.

After the completion of my course, I would like to work as energy analyst in one of the top energy companies in the world. Apart from that, my long-time goal is taking a PhD from environmental sustainability field. So, I would like to do a part time research programme under the guidance of a leading professor in a top ranked university in UK. By doing PhD I will get sufficient skills for making a net zero future.