Hey fellow students! My name is Aaiza Ahmed, and I’m excited to share my journey as a recipient of Sustainability Scholarship at De Montfort University, and the incredible impact sustainability had on my life. I’m from Pakistan, and my academic journey brought me to the vibrant and diverse community at DMU. Being an Accounting and Finance graduate helped me recognize the immense influence that businesses and accountants hold in shaping a more sustainable world.

For me sustainability isn’t just about environmental issues; it’s a multifaceted concept that intertwines economic, social, and environmental factors. Working as an auditor opened my eyes to the profound implications of business decisions on our world. Further helping organize corporate conferences regarding “Sustainable Growth for Pakistan,” helped me explore industry leaders and audit firms working together towards sustainability’s challenges and opportunities in my homeland.

My experiences including volunteering with non-profits focusing on green-impact, educational initiatives for under-privileged and advocating for women’s empowerment in Pakistan, taught me that education and gender equity are amongst fundamental pillars of sustainability. Sustainability isn’t just about preserving our planet; but also securing a brighter future for all, irrespective of their background.

Now, I’m embarking on a new adventure – pursuing Masters in Forensic Accounting at DMU. This program will equip me with the skills to enforce sustainability regulations while investigating financial frauds and mismanagement. Thanks to the Sustainability Scholarship, as it allows me to further my studies and engage with sustainability-focused student societies.

I’m excited to explore how financial practices and sustainability are deeply intertwined, and I can’t wait to delve deeper into projects and activities that promote environmental responsibility, social equity, and community well-being. I hope to inspire the wider student body to join me in making sustainability a living, breathing part of our DMU experience!