Welcome everyone!

I am thrilled to join the De Montfort University society, where I will begin a journey that links my passion for accountability and transparency with the values of sustainability. My name is Malek Khawatmi, and my background is in audit and risk management, with a focus on humanitarian works in conflict-affected areas, including post-war Syria.

Through my professional experience, I have recognized the fact that sustainability is not an isolated perception but an essential element of responsible governance and accountable practices. The human sector faces many sustainability-related conflicts, from resource management to ethical issues, and these challenges are deeply in tune with my professional goals.

I aimed to accomplish a master’s in risk management at DMU because I consider sustainability as a elemental aspect of risk mitigation and ethical Decision-Making. I am strong-minded to discover how sustainable practices can boost accountability, decrease fraud and corruption, and promote fair use of reserves. My academic voyage will not only provide me with the necessary experiences but will also offer a platform to advocate for the standards of sustainability.

I am particularly enthusiastic and confident about the impact this course can have, Equipped with the academic proficiency and strategies I have acquired during my years of practical experiences, my vision is to connect with local NGOs, start-ups, and individuals in post-war Syria. My ambition is to provide direction and leadership on implementing sustainable Internal audit systems and effective risk management function, thus ensuring ethical practices, and minimizing risks in a problematical, risky and unstable context.

Throughout my extensive experience in the humanitarian field, I came to realisation that sustainability is the core of any Accountable management system. Therefore, I have the believe that when incorporating sustainability standers and basis into my area of expertise, I hope to contribute to constructing persisting positive impact in the overall humanitarian work and efforts.

Let us join forces to support sustainability and trust it as the driving force for a promising, accountable, transparent, and ethical systems.

warm regards,
Malek Khawatmi