Welcome to the Sustainable IT guy blog @ DMU!

It’s been a hectic few months of non-stop work to get to the point I am at today. But now, I’m finally relaxing getting back to my roots and first love Sustainable IT, also known as “Environmental Sustainability in the IT industry”. My name is Dumisani Ndlovu and I am currently studying Information Systems Management at Masters Level at DMU. Having recently received a Sustainability Scholarship from the Sustainability Team here at DMU – I’m so excited to start sharing my environmental awareness growth with you all.

What am I going to be blogging about?

Sustainable IT of course- if focuses on the design, use, and disposal of computer hardware and software applications. This also extends to the sustainable mining of the rare metals used in IT hardware and application of ethical principles across the technology lifecycle.

The rising demand for data storage, computing power, production, and disposal of electronic devices has contributed to 3% of the world’s global CO2 emissions. These negative environmental issues are ongoing yet technology can positively impact environmental issues.

I would like to encourage you all to look at your current lifestyle, make a few swaps here and there-whatever the scale of the task ahead, you can be sure that you’re never alone- because of the ever growing group of people who care about our environment and are there to help your sustainable journey.