The challenges we have to achieve a society committed to actions that involve social and environmental sustainability are broad. In addition, exploring the activities we can carry out to contribute to a more sustainable future is fundamental to help meet the challenges we have set ourselves.

My interest in participating and committing my actions to these challenges began when I learned about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a target date of 2030, which include reaching a social, economic and environmentally sustainable balance. I participated in activities and training committed to these goals through courses, volunteer groups and entrepreneurship, specifically from the contribution to gender equality, economic growth and carbon emissions reduction.

My professional development focused on the business and financial world connected to master’s degree with focus on finance and investment that covers issues such as investment and financial markets with a sustainable approach and incentives to create corporate sustainability where companies and investors implement actions that promote sustainability and contribute to a reduction of carbon emissions.

On the other hand, I am participating in a project called Woman Sustainability, which is in the initial stage of development where main challenge and objective is support the impact of empowerment, training, development of soft skills. For instance, how leadership impact for a job placement or entrepreneurship work. This project will focus on Bolivia, my home country, which is an emerging economy. The future plans for this project are having expansion in Latin America.

All the tools that DMU will give me through my degree and being part of the sustainability team will help me increase my knowledge and continue developing my activities on these goals. Having leaders in this area will allow us to expand the information and actions we can take as a society.