Hello Everyone! I’m Ella, and I am thrilled to share with you my experience as the ‘Learning for Sustainability’ frontrunner over the past 5 months at DMU. It has been an exciting journey, which has been filled with team collaboration, personal growth and countless learning opportunities.


During my role within the Sustainability team, I have engaged in various tasks, from event promotion to report writing and blogging. The frontrunner role has equipped me with various soft skills, such as time management and communication skills, which will be highly beneficial to me in my future career in organisational development consultancy. The ‘Learning for Sustainability’ frontrunner role has provided me not only with essential transferable skills but also with the opportunity to make great change. The work I have carried out individually and as a team is crucial not only to DMU but also to the broader community.


Despite the demands of my studies, I have been able to work around my academic commitments with a flexible work schedule. This has been important to me as a third-year student as it has enabled me to gain valuable work experience without it having a negative impact on my studies. I encourage anyone with a passion for sustainability or eager to make a meaningful impact on a local and global scale to consider applying for the ‘Learning for Sustainability’ frontrunner role. Working in this role has been inspiring and is an extremely valuable opportunity to grow personally and professionally while contributing to positive change.