Hello I’m Olivia and I am excited to let you know about my experience being the ‘Sustainability communications’ frontrunner. The past 5 months I have gained an abundance of confidence, sustainable knowledge and opportunities through networking with the sustainability team, staff and students at DMU.


My role as the ‘Sustainability Communications’ frontrunner is to engage with staff and students through our social media and events, help organize and plan upcoming events and run the social media. Through these commitments I have acquired marketing skills, confidence in talking in front of large groups, organization and time management and finally collaboration skills in a workplace. All these adaptations are transmittable to any future roles I take on which makes the Frontrunner positions desirable due to the endless number of benefits it provides.   


The frontrunner scheme understands that a student and work balance can be difficult. Therefore, being a frontrunner allows fitting your 10 hours a week around your university schedule, creating a flexible work environment which takes the stress away. Therefore, I encourage those who have a growing interest in sustainability to apply for the available frontrunner roles for next year! These positions teach you valuable skills that will help you in your daily life. You learn, network, have fun and work all in one!


Overall, this role has felt extremely rewarding due to contributing to positive change and getting involved with live projects for example; the river cleans up where we went to Abbey Park in Leicester to clean the river and paths along the park. The amount of waste that was retrieved made all those went really realise why it is so important to make sustainable decisions. The opportunities available are endless and whilst educating yourself you are also contributing to a positive change.