The Centre for Academic Innovation (CAI) and the Public Engagement and Education for Sustainable Development project held an online mini-conference on Wednesday 10 November 2020, 10am-1pm exploring the concept of Real-Life Learning. Details and resources from the event are below:

About the event

This virtual event on Real-Life Learning explored the pedagogy of experiential, community and business-engaged approaches to learning at DMU. The event featured stories and experiences of how this approach can be incorporated into teaching practice, and explored some of the highs and lows along the way. The mini-conference was followed by two seminar sessions which explored different aspects of implementation.


Mini-Conference Event

Workshop on Real-Life Learning and Assessment

Workshop on Real-Life Learning and Community Benefit

The programme:

  • Fi Donovan – Head of Public Engagement
  • Dr Andrew Reeves – Senior Lecturer in Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Professor Momodou Sallah –  Director, Centre for Academic Innovation
Practice and experience sharing
A series of short talks to illustrate the real-life learning approach from a range of perspectives:
  • Using experiential learning as a key approach to embed Education for Sustainable Development in an Engineering module. Kegong Diao, Senior Lecturer & Leticia Ozawa-Meida, Senior Research Fellow
  • Putting the action in Real Life Learning. Ros Lishman, Associate Head of Department (Academic) & Alistair Jones, Associate Professor
  • T-Extinction project. Sally Gaukrodger-Cowan, Senior Lecturer, Carolyn Hardaker, Head of School, Fashion & Buddy Penfold, Associate Professor
  • DMU Forensics: Tripartite experiential Learning from Crime Scene to Court. Leisa Nichols-Drew, Associate Professor Forensic Biology
  • Education for Sustainability: Transforming students’ relationship with nature. David Cudworth, Associate Professor
  • Teachers teaching accounting or learners learning accounting? Experiences using an accounting focused business simulation.  Darren Sparkes, Associate Professor and Neil Young, Senior Lecturer
Plenary panel discussion:
What are the opportunities and challenges when putting real-life learning into practice?
Noon-1pmHost: Sarah Thompson Our host will be joined by Adele Browne, Head of Graduate Success, Student and Academic Services; Sunita Patel, Public Engagement Manager; as well as academics, students and community partners.