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SEED Grants 23/24 Applications

Are you interested in a grant of up to £1,000 to kickstart your sustainability project? Then you are in the right place! The SeeD Grant has been designed to aid DMU Staff, Students and Alumnus take action on sustainable development and… Continue Reading →

Monday 4th December: Practical Actions for a Sustainable World

Join this workshop (in-person or online) to gain an understanding of the different ways you can create effective sustainable change. We will encourage you to create an action plan based on the guidance we’ve given to communicate this information with… Continue Reading →

Friday 1st December: Co-designing ambitious climate education at DMU

DMU staff and students are encouraged to join this lunchtime session (with refreshments provided) to explore what ambitious action to address the climate emergency could look like in DMU’s educational offer. We’ll hear about best practices across the UK and… Continue Reading →

Meet Our New Frontrunner: Ella Kettle

Hello Everyone! I’m Ella, and I will be the ‘Learning for Sustainability’ frontrunner this academic year. As a member of the Sustainability Team at DMU, I am very excited to participate in the variety of fantastic projects happening throughout the… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Chidiere Oluoma

I am Chidiere Oluoma, and my path to a bachelor’s degree in computer science is driven by a profound desire to become a software developer with a unique focus on how to improve the world we live in. Hailing from… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Ximena Doria Medina

The challenges we have to achieve a society committed to actions that involve social and environmental sustainability are broad. In addition, exploring the activities we can carry out to contribute to a more sustainable future is fundamental to help meet… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Dumisani Ndlovu

Welcome to the Sustainable IT guy blog @ DMU! It’s been a hectic few months of non-stop work to get to the point I am at today. But now, I’m finally relaxing getting back to my roots and first love… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Khadijabib Mamun

BPT, MSc in global health ( currently ) DMU Hello, everyone! I’m Khadijabib Mamun, a physiotherapist with a passion for sustainability, vlogging, and a love for exploring new cultures and cuisines. Today, I’m excited to share how these passions align… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Nadir Shah

Belonging from the remote northern area of Pakistan, namely Hunza Gilgit, the effects of climate change were very obvious to me. Seeing deforestation at a large-scale level and having floods disrupt the normal life of the locals opened my eyes… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Pramita Shakya

Hi! It’s me, Pramita Shakya. I am proud to named myself as one of the Sustainability scholars. I am delighted and felt responsible at the same time when I got selected as a part of renowned DMU Sustainable scholarship. So,… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Aaiza Ahmed

Hey fellow students! My name is Aaiza Ahmed, and I’m excited to share my journey as a recipient of Sustainability Scholarship at De Montfort University, and the incredible impact sustainability had on my life. I’m from Pakistan, and my academic… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Nayana Manjula

I am Nayana Manjula one of the sustainability scholars in DMU. I from India and I’m studying MSc Energy and sustainable development in here. From my point of view, sustainability is an essential nutrient for the environment. Without sustainability its… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Malek Khawatmi

Welcome everyone! I am thrilled to join the De Montfort University society, where I will begin a journey that links my passion for accountability and transparency with the values of sustainability. My name is Malek Khawatmi, and my background is… Continue Reading →

Meet Sustainability Scholars: Valeria Estrada

My name is Valeria Estrada. I was born in 1996 in Medellin, Colombia. I am currently doing an MSc in Energy and Sustainable Development at De Montfort University. Since I was little I had very clear that my purpose is… Continue Reading →

Leicestershire Food Summit!

Charlotte Smith (year-3 Student Representative), Sheila Njogu, Yannan (Jessica) Jin (Programme Leader for BSc Nutrition) In this June, an incredible opportunity arose for Nutrition students at De Montfort University – an invitation to attend the second Leicestershire Food Summit, hosted… Continue Reading →

Meet Our New Placement Student: Przemyslaw Luczak

Hello everyone, I’m Przemyslaw Luczak (just call me Przemek (Pronounced “Shamack”)), and I am a national student studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering here at DMU. On Monday 14th, I have become part of Sustainability team that is part of Estates… Continue Reading →

Meet Our New Frontrunner: Olivia Hawley

Hello, I am Olivia, and I am studying interior design here at DMU. I am this year’s Sustainability Communications Frontrunner. I am extremely excited to be getting involved with planning and posting on the DMU sustainability social media to bring… Continue Reading →

Build professional skills for social change with Enactus’ “Career Catalyst” programme

See the announcement below from Enactus UK about an opportunity for DMU students to join the Career Catalyst programme. Enactus is a nationally supported network of student societies, developing professional skills by tackling social and environmental challenges. To find out… Continue Reading →

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